Address: 810 Dodecanese Blvd, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Dolphin Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

Family-Owned and Operated Since 1947
When it comes to safe fishing trips, trust a company that has been in the business since 1947. Our experience will give you the confidence you need to come on board, knowing you'll have a safe and fruitful fishing trip.
Dolphin Deep Sea Fishing was founded by John Georgiou. John is a second generation Greek who was born in Chester, PA. and then relocated to Tarpon Springs. He bought his first boat, the Plastiras that operated from 1947 to 1952 as a sponge boat, cultivating sponges from the Gulf of Mexico.
In 1952, John bought a second boat, the Aspasia. The Aspasia was used to carry charter passengers and spent most of its time out in the Gulf of Mexico. It later got promoted for fishing charters.

The Plastiras was John's first boat and was initially used to cultivate sponge. After a while, the Plastiras was used for sponge diving exhibitions.